Akash Tablet Sold Out-Book Akash 2 (Ubislate 7)

Most Popular Akash tablet has been sold out, there is no more piece left in the stcok of compnay. This is really a sad news for those who were wishing to purchase a android enabled aakash tablet. If you are still thinking about to book aakash then its too late. But don’t be sad, It’s time for better and improved Aakash-2, which is a modified version of aakash 1.

You can still purchase a better tablet at the same cost, Datawind compnay is coming with the upgraded version of aakash that is called Ubislate 7 or aakash-2. Aakash 2 is full of features and with improved version of aakash-1.

having an improved battery back up that is twice more than aakash-1, battery strength has been revised, also Android 2.3 will be there instead of android 2.2 . Also You will be able to access internet using your SIM card or GPRS mobile function will be enabled there.

Processor is much faster and you will be getting a Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz which is much better than the earlier Arm11 – 366Mhz processor.

Delivery and Payment of Aakash 2 (Ubislate 7)

You can pre-book aakash 2 here, goto http://www.ubislate.com/prebook.html

Submit the form with a perfect email address as well as your residential address should be correct  and then pre-book aakash tablet. the delivery will be made to you be the end of January and the cost of aakash 2 is just 499 rupee more than aakash 1.  You will have to pay 2999/- INR at the time of delivery.

Aakash 2 is much better than aakash, if you have missed the booking of aakash-1 just prebook aakash 2, never miss the chance to grab this tablet at the same cost of previous one. You will be happy and satisfied with the facilities and improvement that has been done in Aakash 2.

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Online Booking for Aakash Tablet and Details

Aakash tablet has been presented as the world’s cheapest tablet at a wonderful cost of 2500 INR from the Datawind company and daily thousand of bookings are being made by people of India and of foreign as well, If you have not booked your tablet then let me tell you that Aakash will not be sold on any shopping malls or hand to hand.

It is available for sale on online website of  Datawind company and you can easily book there by filling a simple form. The payment will be taken after the delivery of the Table and delivery will be done within 7 days of booking depending upon the availability of the tablet. Let me inform you that Datawind company has only 30,000 Tablet left so hurry up if you are interested in purchasing Aakash.

Akash Tablet Review: You Should read This Before Booking

Akash tablet is having a compact screen with a light weight, With some major defects, it is full of facilities. Here is a look and review:


 2100mAHz battery is not having a long lasting backup. Battery back up is only 2 hours which is not enough to watch even a whole movie but good for those who don’t have any problem of electricity.

Internet Access: You can access internet on Aakash and it has a nice speed as well. You can browse online pages using Wi-Fi but it does not supports SIM card functions of GPRS. sad but the company is still improving this and coming with Ubislate-7 with more features at the same price

Processing Speed

 Arm-366MHz Processor is a bit slow but enough to browse some internet pages, you can watch movies, although it does not supports some formats of video file but there is much more in the cost of 2500. You can not watch a video on you-tube easily because of a low buffering speed and downloading is too slow.

Here is a negative statement of  an IIT Student “Downloading speed is negligible for Akash tablet and even I can not watch a clip on you tube, Akash is not able to show PDF file even and it downloads them in fragments” but what you can expect at the cost of 2500 rupees.

Operating System

Powerful operating system of Android 2.3 supports very well and also a reputed OS as well, but if we talk frankly, it has some defects as the system starts warming up in a few hour running

How to Book Aakash Online ?

Simple ways to book it.

  • Goto  http://akashtablet.com and click on the order now  button,
  • A form Will appear, Simply Fill the Form by putting your name and address in a proper manner.
  • Check you email inbox, there will be a confirmation about the delivery, You will get the delivery within 7 days and then at the time of delivery you will be charged 2500 Rupees.

Never pay before getting the tablet or you may be trapped, Remember, Payment will be taken at the time of delivery only.

What About the Discount for Students?

If you are an Student, you can get it for government at the cost of 1750 rupees only but you have to purchase it from govt. and to purchase it from government, you will have to be dependent on your college. No doubt, it may take a long time. So better book it online at the cost of 2500 Rupees. But if you are having any identity of college, you can call Datawind company and ask about the discount, it might be possible that you may get Aakash at the discount price of 1750 only.

Datawind Customer care no: 1800-180-2180

What Expert Says about Aakash?

It is like a dream come true for middle class students and poeple who will able to use andoid tablet at an affordable price. Obviously there are many defects but more features are there in just 2500 rupees.

Kapil Sibble Words on the launch of Aakash “Before today Reach people had their own digital world but poors were not able enough to it but aakash will remove the gap between the two”

Also The Company owner Suneet Tuli says “We are wirking hard to provide maximum features at the minimum cost and also to add more features at the same cost” . Thats why the datawind has decided to launched a modified version of Aakash  and that will be called Ubislate 7, which is an improved version of aakash and the prebooking is open online for All.

Whatever anyone say, but if you are much excited then i can not stop you to buy akash tablet but if you are having a bit of patience then just wait and pre-book aakash 2 or Ubislate 7, that is more improved and modified at  around the same cost. Delivery will be done in the end of January. What you say?

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How to Book Aakash Laptop and What is the Warranty

World’s Cheapest tablet Akash is available for booking at an affordable cost of 2500 rupees, one can book it online at the official website of Datawind company. The Datawind has presented around 40,000 Tablets for online sale and booking is being made for those available tablets. The booking is online and you will get your tablet within 7 days. Payment will be taken at the time of delivery.

Let me Clear that Akash tablet is not available at any shop or Showroom, the only way to book it is Online and only limited number of tablets are available so hurry up and Book it right now by logging in to

You Should also Read this

It is the official website for the booking of Akash tablet and Never waste your time anywhere else on any other fraud websites. Book your tablet at official website of Datawind company and if  remember always that you have to pay money at the time of delivery of Aakash.

How to Book Akash Online?

  • Just Go to http://www.akashlaptop.com
  • Fill the whole form and in a perfect manner and Fill the Address column  properly.
  • After filling the form, click on order now button, a confirmation mail will be reached in your inbox.
  • Delivery will be done to your address withing 7 days and you will have to pay money at the time of delivery of tablet.

Just book it as there are limited number of tablets are in the stock of Datawind as per Company official reports.

Discount and Warranty For Students

Akash Tablet had been launched for students only but now datawind is selling this commercially. if you are an student then it will be given to you at the subsidized cost of 1750 INR only. but here they are delivering the tablet at 2500 rupees. If you are looking for the discount then wait for the college announcement.

Second option is to call Datawind company Customer care service directly at 1800-180-2180 and ask them about directly about the discount. A few days ago they had told that the subsidy will be given on the basis of the identity card of Technical Students, They were not sure but you can ask it just once for confirmation, hope you may get the discount.


Clearly there are two ways to get Akash, either you buy a commercial one or to get it from government at the subsidized cost of 1750 rupees, if you are purchasing the tablet online then you have a warranty of 7 days only but those students who are eligible to get it from government, will get the tablet at a discount price and they will be having a warranty of one year.

Clearly there it is beneficial to Students who are eligible to get it from the government but on the other hand it is a long term process and may take time to reach to them. If you have enough patience then just wait for the modified version of Akash (Ubislate 7) and modified in every aspects. I’m sure, you will be happy after buying Akash-2 as it is much better than Akash-1.

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Ubislate 7:Must Read if You are Booking Akash Tablet

Online booking of Akash tablet is open now for everyone and hundred of bookings are being made every day but you are forgetting that the tablet you are booking is obviously very cheap and affordable but it has many defects which can ruin your mood at the operating time.

It has a slow processor of 366 MHz only, also downloading and buffering speed is almost zero, and you won’t be able to download a movie or to watch a You-tube clip instantly. Battery life is poor and the most important fact that you can access internet only with Wi-Fi, you cannot access GPRS using your SIM or any other Phone functionality. But Datawind is about to launch a Modified Version of Akash Tablet and It will be called Ubislate 7, many people have self named the tablet as Akash 2. New tablet is having many features and with more powerful and effective options this can be a better option for you as well.

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What’s New in Ubislate 7?

Engineers of Datawind has done enough modifications in Akash Tablet resulting  a better experience of  Ubislate 7, This will be more faster, reliable and with more features. These are some properties which will be modified and added to akash 2 or Ubislate 7.

  • More long lasting battery of  3200 mAh
  • More Faster processing speed with a modified processor of Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz
  • And in This tablet you will be able to access internet  or GPRS with a SIM Just like your mobile Phone.
  • Operating System has been Upgraded from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3

Let’s have a pictorial comparison between Akash tablet and Ubislate 7

Obviously the price for Ubislate 7 will be higher than Akash tablet. But Instead of these modified features, it does not seem to be a deal of loss. Pre-booking option is available at the company website and you can Pre-book your Ubislate 7 today And the delivery will be done in the beginning of January.

As per Company CEO Suneet Singh Tuli “This is a made in India product and Finally we became successful in our goal to provide same features with lower cost or to provide modifier features with around same Job”

Indian Educational Minister Kapil Sibbal says “The rich have their own digital world but the poor and ordinary have been excluded but this will end the difference between the rich and poors”

Review: Modified Aakash is much better than the first model of akash, you can access internet or GPRS using your SIM card and many improvements have been done in Akash 2, battery back is more than previous one also you will be enjoying a better speed with modified processors and OS. All you need to pay 499 INR more and you have to wait for January. You have a better option if you can wait for one month only.

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Online Booking For Akash Tablet is Now Available – Book One For Yourself

Most awaited Akash tablet by Datawind Company is in market now, you can easily book your akash tablet online without any problem. The datawind company has launched the world’s cheapest laptop at 2999/- INR only and it has boomed the Indian android market, people are  mad to buy it despite of the Defects present in the Tablet, all they want to become a Android holder by paying a small amount.

The most Interesting point is that Akash Tablet is available at only 2500/-Rupees for online booking and anyone can book it by paying that amount. Booking is open for akash and the company is coming with its modified version namely Ubislate which will be more powerful, attractive and Modified and its cost will be around 3000 INR.

if you are wishing to book a tablet for you then hurry up and Book Your Akash directly from the datawind company, you will get the delivery at your home within one week and you have to pay the money at the time of delivery, that means nothing would be charged by you at the time of booking the Tablet.

Akash Tablet For Students at Subsidized cost

A Large Fraction of Akash Android tablet Fans are school and College going students and as per Announcement by Indian govt they are wanting to know that if they can get it or not and if yes then How much they have to pay? Let me clear your issue.

Online booking of Akash tablet is for every one, no matter you are an student or what. but you will have to pay 2500 rupees to Datawind Company.

Now you will be thinking about the announcement of govt and the benifit of being an student. Don’t Worry, if you are an student, you will be given enough discount on the purchase of Akash tablet. Just call datawind and ask for the discount and please keep your school or college identity card with you. They Will Tell you more details about the subsidized tablet.

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Some Facts About Akash Laptop Which You Must Know

No doubt akash tablet is the super cheap tablet today and Indian govt has rocked by launching akash tablet and every Indian student is excited to buy this. Some want to get it at subsidized cost while some want it at any cost. Well, hundred of questions are being asked by the lovers of akash tablet, hence here we have cleared all doubt about akash tablet. Answers of your each questions. Hope you will be satisfied.

What is akash tablet?

As we have already written about The Whole configuration and details about akash tablet but once again let me tell you that It is a 7 inch tablet with Operating System of android, developed by the Datawind company  under the project of Indian Govt.

What is the Price of Akash Tablet?

It completely depends upon where you buy it. If you buy it from govt. then you will get it at subsidized cost of 1750/- INR only  but if you want to buy it now then you can quickly book it online at official website of Datawind company at the cost of 2999/-INR.

How To Buy the tablet from govt.?

First you have to consult your college  management department and demand them for that, now your college will write a demand latter to ministry of higher education, describing how many tablets are needed there and then the board will send the tablets to your college and then college will distribute it. But remember it may take a little time because the govt is distributing the tablet in the sequenced manner and first of all 5000 tablets have been sent to IIT rajsthan and after that it will be available for students of higher education (students doing graduation) and after that It will be in the hands of +2 students. Thus it is clear that it may take time and probably one can get it after December.

What is the difference between govt. tablet and the tablet by Datawind company?

There is no difference between the two, actually all the tablets have been made by datawind company,  and the producing cost of tablet is around 2900 rupees. the govt has bought the tablets from the company and it is distributing the tablets at 50% subsidy i.e at the cost of 1750 rupees only. But the company is selling he same akash tablets at the commercially at 2999/-INR and those who  dont want to wait, can book their tablet online by following this link http://akashtablet.org Another big difference to be noted-The govt is providing one year replacement warranty on the akash tablets but if the same tablet you are going to buy from the company then they are giving only one weak warranty. that’s a big difference to be noted.

Who can get akash tablet?

Many students ask me daily that sir, I am an student of B.E,BCA,BBA,B.Com,+2 and many other streems, am I able to receive the akash tablet at subsidized price? Let’s understand this concept clearly my dear friends, the akash tablet has launched for those students of higher education who are pursuing technical study and needs the tablet for their study.

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Aakash Tablet – Complete Guide

Indian Govt. Has Launched its amazing product Akash tablet for its students. I am writing this article to Clarify your all doubts and issue on akash tablet With Answering about each and every query of akash laptop.

About The Developer Company

Akash tablet is also known as Ubislate and it has been developed by a leading company Datawind famous for wireless web access products and services.

Brief Description About Akash Tablet

  • Powerful 7.7 inches touchscreen tablet with with supportive android 2.2
  • Perfect for accessing the web at anytime or for android games and multimedia items and apps

Features and Configuration of Akash Laptop

With Many Features and A Compact configuration akash is able to attract everyone’s attention.

Unbelievable Price

  1. Available at only 2999/- INR ($60 only)
  2. Access Internet for each month at  a very low cost of $2/2GB or 98 Rupees/2Gb Data Access

High Quality Web And Data Access

  1. Wi-Fi and GPRS Enabled
  2. Web,email,twitter facebook and any website using DataWind’s patented acceleration technology

Multimedia and Applications With Android in Akash Tablet

  1. HD Quality Videos and Watching Movies on a 7 inches palmtop
  2. Android Supported high Definition Games
  3. More than 150,000 applications
  4. Educational Software
  5. USB Port and Micro SD Slot Support
  6. Expandable Memory upto 32 GB
  7. You Can Use Any Type of Pen drive,it supports all
  8. you can even Even plug-in a 3G dongle

Configuration Of Akash Tablet

  • Software Details
  1. Operating system of Android 2.2
  2. Document Rendering
  3. PDF viewer, Text editor
  4. Supports many Document formats: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP
  • Multimedia and Image Display Support
  1. Supports Image of this Type:PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF
  2. Audio Support of MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA
  3. Video Support of MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV Formars
  4. Separate application for online YouTube video

Hardware Details about “Aakash”

      1. Connexant  processor with HD video processor and graphic accelerator
      2. Memory (RAM): 256MB RAM / Storage (Internal): 2GB Flash
      3. Resolution and Display:800×480 pixel resolution with  7” display
      4. Resistive touch screen with 2GB to 32 GB external Memory support


        1. External Antena
        2. car charger
        3. keyboard case

Who Can Get Akash Tablet?

Many students are getting confused that if they can get it or not, some of them are  pursuing B.Tech, BBA and BCA type technical courses but some of them are from other streams and some fellows are even from 12th and even from 8th class.
Let me clear that who can get akash tablet. First thing is that government is providing the tablet to students of Govt.  technical institutes. so if you are studying in a private school then it might not be possible to get the tablet. The second thing is that the tablet will be given to those who are pursuing any technical course, they will be preferred first and after them other will be given and if  you are in 12th or in lower grade, you have to keep patience till the notification comes from the govt.

Cost and How To Book/Buy Akash Tablet?

You Can Buy this Tablet in Two ways,first one is to directly contact the comany or buy this one commercially and other option is for students of india, govt of india is providing these laptops at 50% subsidy.

You Can Book you Laptop by going on this link http://www.akashtablet.com/ and you can also check the availability of akash tablet here, but here you will be charged 2999/- rupees for purchasing akash laptop

and the second way to get akash laptop is only for students, indian government is providing this tablet to students of higher classes of india, it may take time but it will be given at a very low cost of 1750 rupees only.

Apart of that you can call this toll free number to buy your akash laptop-1800.180.2180

but before you buy this pc just clarify your doubt about the Defects in this tablet

Special Information-Read this before You Buy Akash Tablet

You can get  akashtablet in two ways, first way is to grab when it is given by indian govt, indian govt is providing the same  tablet at a low cost of 1750/-INR only and it is having a one year replacement warranty but you have to wait till this december in order to get your tablet because govt is distributing akash tablets in a step wise process and it may take time but the other way is to buy this from the datawind  company, they are selling this tablet commercially but if you are booking you tablet there then you have to pay 2999/-INR as no subsidy will be given to you there and one more important thing that the Datawind Company is giving only one weak replacement warranty for its akash tablets. Now decision is completely is yours that which one is better.

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